MHDMT-with-Momentum-Scalper forexTrading

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MHDMT-with-Momentum-Scalper forexTrading 1

MHDMT-with-Momentum-Scalper forexTrading

For our short exchange, we will learn a method that requires usage trend, i.e. we no longer have to analyze the channel color, but find a false break in the red dotted line which is usually found at the top of the channel.
The false break suggests price fading and this gives the trader a hint that the market will fall soon. During the false red line break, in the momentum scalper indicator, we need a strong red bar. the market is ready for free fall.
Place your sell stop order right below the purple band. The SL for this method is 14 pips and the take profit is fixed at 30 pips. You may be wondering why we need fixed TP to 30 pips for the short trade.
This is because we are not considering the trend. When trend is not taken into account, it is very difficult to take advantage of long profit. In case you implement the price action signal with this system, you can use the final SL for this system.
That means you can earn more than 100 pips with this scalping system. The best part is that the SL.SL will remain 12-14 pips and this will allow you to secure an incredible risk / reward ratio.
Being a professional scalper, you need to remember that risk management is the most important part of trading. New resellers often get excited and try to make big profits from the market.
But emotional attachment is another key factor in ruining performance. Let’s learn more about the business management technique so that we can do better with this method.

MHDMT-with-Momentum-Scalper forexTrading 2

Exchanging conditions and rules:

– Timeframe:

М5, М15 – Expiration: for М5 – 3 candles

for М15 – 4 candles

Purchase signal:

The cost is in the red zone

Cost is above purple moving midpoints

A red bar showed up in the storm cellar pointer above level “0”

Section on the following candle after the sign

Sell signal:

The cost is in the green zone

Cost underneath purple moving midpoints

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