Elder Impulse Auto forex Trading System

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Elder Impulse Auto forex Trading System

Elder Impulse Auto Trading System is a flexible trading strategy that is ideal for every trading style and any degree of expertise, whether you are a novice or a seasoned financial market shark.

The system, of course, does not repaint and includes all of the required alarm systems to ensure that you do not miss another profitable indication. The Elder Impulse Auto Trading System has the following characteristics: Metatrader4 is the trading platform. Currency pairs: Any currency pair, but major is encouraged.

The Take Profit level is determined by the traded pair and period. You can also seal a transaction if you do the following:

the emergence of the opposing signal, at the nearest level of support/resistance,. round figures, etc.
Stop Loss – as illustrated in the pictures above, a few pips above/below the nearest local price high/low.

This video explains everything in further detail:

There are three trading modes in the system, each with its own set of risks:

FXMastery1 – has the highest risk and offers the most trading signals. It’s great for scalping.
FXMastery2 is a global model with balanced signals and modest risk.
FXMastery3 has a limited amount of trading signals, but they are the most accurate.
The system includes everything you’ll need to track signals with ease:.

Trading Regulations:
Elder Impulse Auto Trading System is made up of four indicators, each of which serves a specific purpose:

Buy/Sell Indication – the major signal indicator, which is represented by a blue and white diamond and serves as a market entry point.

The major filter that helps determine the direction of the current trend is the Trend Filter.

Daily Range – an indirect filter that takes into consideration the remaining daily range for more accurate submissions (this is described in detail in the manual).

Trading Assistant is an auxiliary EA that will make your trading easier.

It may be used as a standalone indicator or in conjunction with any manual trading system:

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