Price Boat Trading fx

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Price Boat Trading fx 1


The indicator is intended for lazy and old traders on D1, H4 who have no fun for scalping.
At your own responsibility for health, you can also trade on H1, M30 or M15 …
The indicator is still under development and will make some additions.

The essentials at the moment are the trading levels in the direction of the trend, and those who pay attention will recognize the advantages …!

  • The levels are at least Factor*ATR apart, so that e.g. as TP can take this value into account.
  • The fast MA changes color depending on the position of the Close MA compared to Open MA.
  • The slow MA corresponds to the trading direction depending on the position of the bar close.
  • As a first strategy you can take SL and TP = FactorATR. Because there is a sudden candle reversal, especially at the end of a trend, I would install a small hedge with 2Lots after -0.50FactorATR. So you can either bring the loss for the SL to zero, or accept the loss. There is an EA to analyze that and will post it later.
  • Breakeven can be set after +0.50FactorATR. Sometimes it’s an advantage, sometimes not.
  • If you want to use a trailing stop, you can do that of course. I currently like the idea that can be seen in the “FX Mantra” indicator (Google …).
    Later I will post my own version of this indicator.

For the “Draw_Patterns” parameter we have:

Signals for “Fractal Pattern (1×1)”

Price Boat Trading fx 2

Signals for “Smash Bar Pattern”

Price Boat Trading fx 3

Signals for “Reversal Bar Pattern (Magic100)”

Price Boat Trading fx 4

Signals for “All Patterns”

Price Boat Trading fx 5

FX mantra indicator – Recommended for TrailingStop

Price Boat Trading fx 6

Price Boat Trading fx 7