Lazy Open Forex Trading

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In the LazyTMA thread I and other members have posted some ideas related to daily open trading.
I think that for lazy traders is important to have statistical data for the intervals of trading grids.

Sure, the Gann ATR-fractions are a good tool and I just want to analyze the idea with the distances from Open to the Highs/Lows.

Here is an indicator “smLazyOpen BarRanges_v1.0”
with which these figures are calculated separately for rising and falling trends.
In further indicators, I will use the DoubleHull indicator, so that a possible analysis for the match of the fast and slow Hull average can be made.

Lazy Open Forex Trading 2

I have read the ideas of Vegas Tunnel System.
On pages 8 and 9 you will find very good approaches, which I also used. Just as a warning: the calculation with the median and deviations I will program similar in the next time, and I’m curious if anything brings.

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However, as far as the Vegas indicators are concerned, they are far from practical use, so I’m not surprised that nobody could succeed with the system.