Hamster Scalper Expert Advisor forex robot

Hamster Scalper Expert Advisor forex robot 1

Hamster Scalper EA is a Scalper Expert Advisor for free to download. It employs a robust price action strategy combined with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and an array of Moving Averages, including Simple, Exponential, and Linear Weighted. The EA incorporates advanced money management techniques and probabilistic analysis to streamline your Forex trading experience.

The Hamster Scalper EA operates on a progressive scalping strategy. The trading robot identifies the trend direction using a combination of proprietary indicators. It then waits until the quotes have deviated from this trend by a specific distance. Following this, it executes a deal, moving toward the trend continuation.

This trading robot adds an extra layer of security to your transactions by setting a virtual Stop Loss for each. This practice significantly reduces the potential loss on the trader’s account.

The Hamaster Scalper EA specializes in trading on trend pullbacks, a strategy that involves trading in the direction of the main market movement. This method is commonly employed in Forex trading, given its effectiveness in identifying potentially profitable trading opportunities.

It can trade with a fixed lot or use an auto lot and increase the transaction size automatically according to the specified criteria. The maximum drawdown percentage is low for this EA, which allows using this adviser on a small deposit.

The Three Versions of Hamster Scalper EA
There are three different versions of the Hamster Scalper EA. The key highlight is that all versions don’t use dangerous trading methods like martingale, grid, etc. Every transaction is protected by a small virtual Stop Loss, ensuring a safer trading environment.

The first and second versions of the EA operate similarly, opening trades in much the same way. The third version, however, has a fundamentally different working mechanism. While all versions have their merits, in my opinion, the first and second versions are the best.

Recommendations for this Scalper Expert Advisor

Minimum account balance of 100$.
Work Best on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, EURJPY, EURGBP pair. (Work on any pair)
Work the same on All TimeFrames.
This Scalper Expert Advisor should work on VPS without interruption to reach stable results. The first and second versions should work on a low-latency VPS.

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