Eternal Grow EA forex robot

Eternal Grow EA forex robot 1

Howdy to all
I’ve this ea since some time in my pc.
On demo is fairly worthwhile however i need to know if anybody on you perhaps know this EA.
Or perhaps anybody has that mql4 file, as a result of i need to enhance it.
The EA is engaged on M15 TF EURGBP EURCHF GBPCHF
Some optimization on EurChf – M15.
Take a look at with Danger 0.5 and 0.7.
Base stability = 500.
Tanked with danger = 0.8, 09, 1 and past.
That ´s why I discussed earlier than to attempt to decrease the danger to minimal originally, you don´t know when market antagonistic circumstances come (with low deposit additionally).

Any solutions are welcome.

Eternal Grow EA forex robot 2
Eternal Grow EA forex robot 3

Share Model 5.14.
EurGbp,EurChf,EurUsd,UsdChf – M30.
Guide included.