Trading system LANGUST forex robot

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Trading system LANGUST forex robot 1

Platform: MT4
Strategy: Multi-indicator grid based on a system for removing a signal from several TFs.
Deposit: From 3000 units.
License: Without bindings to the trading account.
Compiled file: 10,000 rubles
Source open source: 25,000 rublesThe principle of the trading system: The Lobster trading system, operates on the basis of 3 standard indicators
Bollinger Bands
The signal for input and tracking is generated simultaneously from three indicators and simultaneously from three timeframes.

It displays 3 indicators and 7 timeframes.
Green squares mean that on this TF on a specific indicator there is a signal to buy, red to sell.
In order for the input signal to form, all three indicators should have a one-way signal, on the calculation period selected in the settings.
You can select three frames.
It turns out such a picture.
We set in all three settings TF M5.
As soon as all three indicators in the M5 column light up green squares, the robot will open a position for purchases, red for sales.
You can make a more interesting signal and insert in the settings
In this case, the green squares should be on all three selected TFs for 5m-30m-1 hour, only in this case the position will open, this signal method is the deepest since signals that reversal signals have formed at 5 minutes 30 minutes and at the hourly TF.
More details can be found in the enclosed manual and just trading system for demo accounts.

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 2

Opening an order depends on how the indicator filter is configured.
If you set all three three filters in M1
Trading system LANGUST
As the signal appears on all three fitters on the M1 signal period, an input will occur. If you put it like this

Trading system LANGUST
It is necessary that all three indicators and three signal removal filters had a signal on TF M1 – M5 – M15, not on any one indicator, but immediately on all three and all three time frames. – this will be a more accurate signal since the signal on M1 was confirmed on M5 and M15 Here is an example of trading, the signal is removed from M1 M5 M15

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 3

But in our case, there was a general global reversal in all indicators, that is, all indicators went into the overbought zone and give a reversal signal for sales.
But in our case, we need red squares only on M1 M5 M15 for all three indicators.
As a result, after such a signal, the price dipped very deep, our deal closed in trailing.

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 4

In this robot, you can very flexibly adjust the input, as well as averaging the position if the input was not accurate, as well as trailing with more high values, for example, trailing profit on H1 bars. and take points 400 to put

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 5

As a result, setting the parameters, the rest is by default

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 6

We drive over this year
and get the following results on the test

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 7

I think the result is very good, putting on several pairs of an adviser, even on a cent account, you can get an acceptable profit.

But all this needs to be optimized for your tasks.
The working mechanisms have been implemented interesting, on the basis of this project you can make some kind of improvements, I do not trade in Forex, I am not interested, but someone who is passionate about this trade may have something for himself, for example, as a trader, I would realize while in the robot, closing a position by a reverse signal, from the same filter set as the entrance, entered the market, if a position in profit occurs and a reverse signal occurs, then close the position, so it seems to me that it would be possible to take very large price passes, but this is necessary implement and test l in optimization, a lot of ideas can arise.

Trading system LANGUST forex robot 8