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Introducing 100 PIPS TAKE PROFIT EA Forex Robot, the most advanced and intelligent Forex robot available in the market. With its exceptional accuracy and advanced internal analysis of price action, this robot is designed to help you achieve maximum profit with minimum risk.

The 100PIPS TAKE PROFIT EA uses a perfect swing trading strategy to provide you with the best entry and exit points in the market. The robot analyzes the market in real-time to find the most accurate trade entry price and reversal point, allowing you to maximize your profits with a sure 100pips from every entry signal. With less than 2% drawdown, you can trade with confidence and peace of mind.

The Trend Finder in 100PIPS TAKE PROFIT EA ensures that you receive only the best entry opportunities in the market. The robot’s internal analysis algorithm identifies the best opportunities and provides clear BUY and SELL signals, allowing you to easily place your trades and set your 100pips TP.

Best Brokers List
The EA100PIPS TAKE PROFIT EA requires a broker with good conditions and spreads However, it is important to note that not every broker will provide the same performance, as there are various feeds in index trading. A good and fair broker with good spreads is recommended for the best results.

The level of risk you expose yourself to when using the EA is determined by the selected timeframe. It’s a delicate balance: the shorter the timeframe, the higher the risk, but also the potential for higher profits. On the other hand, a longer timeframe results in lower risk but also lower profits. Opting for a low risk approach leads to gradual growth, avoiding sudden drawdowns and ensuring a safer trading experience.

For best results, stick to the default settings of the EA and avoid adjusting any parameters unless specifically instructed. This allows for a consistent, low risk strategy, which is crucial for long-term success.

With the right account size and a suitable timeframe, you can enjoy very low risk trading and a long-term target for growth. Some users have even achieved the goal of becoming USD millionaires in less than 10 years. Remember, belief and confidence in your strategy is key to reaching your financial aspirations.

Use only EURUSD
The EA comes in 2 files, the Fxcore100EA_BUY and Fxcore100EA_SELL. So you will
be openning 2 charts of EURUSD, one for BUY EA and the other for SELL EA.
$200 to $2000 open on H4 Timeframe
$2000 to $4000 open on H4 Time frame into 4 charts
$4000 to $7000 open on H1 Timeframe
$7000 to $10000 open on H1 Timeframe into 4 charts

In order to properly run the 100PIPS TAKE PROFIT EA, you need to open two charts for the EUR/USD currency pair and load both the buy and sell versions of the EA onto one of these charts.

It’s important to change the magic number in each EA to avoid any confusion between the two on the same chart.

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