Pirates EA V1.20 Forex Robot

This Expert Advisor trades during a small market volatility. It tracks the price levels, then opens positions and manages them until they are closed with a profit or a small loss. You can limit the number of opened positions. Only one position can be opened on a bar.

It does not use strategies like martingale, position averaging, loss overstaying, etc.

All positions are opened with fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volume of positions during a successful trading.

The main currency pairs: CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDCAD, EURAUD, USDCHF.

It is recommended to use accounts with five-digit quotes and moderate spread.


MONEY_MANAGEMENT – use dynamic lot
RISK – risk as a percentage of account free margin
ORDERS_BUY – the number of Buy positions opened at a time
ORDERS_SELL – the number of Sell positions opened at a time
TAKE_PROFIT – take profit value
STOP_LOSS – stop loss value
MAX_SPREAD_OPEN – the maximum allowable spread for opening positions
START_TRADING – hour to start trading
STOP_TRADING – hour to stop trading
NOT_TRADE_NEWS – trade using the news filter
INDENT_AFTER_NEWS_MINUTES – the filter is activated the specified number of minutes before a news release
INDENT_BEFORE_NEWS_MINUTES – the filter is disabled after the specified number of minutes after a news release
ENABLE_LIGHT_NEWS – normal news
ENABLE_MEDIUM_NEWS – average importance news
ENABLE_HARD_NEWS – important news
YOUR_TIME_ZONE,GMT(FOR_EWSN) – GMT time zone of the terminal
CURRENCY_TO_DISPLAY_THE_NEWS – the currency of news to display (if empty, then the current pair will be used)
DRAW_ONLY_THE_FUTURE_OF_NEWS_LINE – only show lines of future news releases
SIGNALS_ON_THE_UPCOMING_NEWS – notify of upcoming news
MARKET_WATCH – market execution
FILTER_TRIPLE_SWAP – triple swap filter (do not trade from Wednesday to Thursday)
CLOSING_TIME_SIMPLE – if the trading time is over and there is a position, the function will try to close them with a breakeven or with a small loss
MAGIC_NUMBER – magic number of positions
SLIPPAGE – price slippage
DEALS_ON_THE_BAR – is to Trade multiple times on the bar
TIME_PERIOD_BAR – bar Period
USE_VIRTUAL_TP_SL – use virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss (lines are drawn only if there is 1 position in the trading direction)
DISPLAY_TABLE – display a panel with information on trading account and currency pair
USE_A_SOUND – use sound signals

*** For a proper operation of the news filter:

Open: Tools/Options/Expert Advisors