Forex Triple Hit Indicator

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Forex Triple Hit Indicator

Forex Triple Hit Indicator was introduced in November 2014, and forex traders have given it some outstanding reviews. When I had finished researching the Bollinger Bands indicator, I had the idea to develop the method.

Bollinger Bands are one of the most potent technical analysis indicators available to traders, as you may already be aware. After doing my research on it and discovering some incredible information, I made the decision that I needed to develop a potent trading tool for myself and my followers. This indicator strategy was inspired by this. Many traders were delighted with the method because it provided accurate trading signals based on the Bollinger Bands indicator, together with extra divergences filters and built-in risk-reward filters.


Since its first launch, it has been utilized by numerous traders, but with time, I saw that something was lacking. You can refer to it as some important “component.”

This system was primarily created for swing traders, and it was quite effective for them. However, the system was not entirely functional for short-term traders, or those who like to “scalp” the markets.

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