Forex Trend Scanner – 100 % Accurate Indicator

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Forex Trend Scanner – 100 % Accurate Indicator 1

Forex Trend Scanner – 100 % Accurate Indicator

Introducing the “Forex Trend Scanner” MT4 trading system, a professional-level Forex trading system that is easy to install on the Metatrader (MT4) platform. This system features dynamic pivot points, daily range detection, precise buy and sell signals that do not repaint, and a sophisticated warning system.

The Forex Trend Scanner is a versatile and accurate trading method that can be used with any currency pair and time frame. It is equipped with features such as email notifications, smartphone trading alerts, and automatic detection warnings for daily range pips.

This system is suitable for scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading, making it one of the top forex trading strategies available. With its advanced features and precise signals, the Forex Trend Scanner can help traders achieve success in the forex market.

Forex Trend Scanner – 100 % Accurate Indicator 2

The Forex Trend Scanner comes with an advanced alerting system that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to follow. The system displays arrows on the bar’s close, allowing traders to enter a trade immediately on the bar’s open.

Traders no longer need to keep their eyes glued to the chart while waiting for trade signals to occur. The Forex Trend Scanner allows traders to set up alerts so that they can be immediately informed by a sound and/or popup window, email, and on their mobile phone the moment a BUY-LONG or SELL-SHORT arrow appears. This feature is especially beneficial for higher time periods.

Overall, the advanced alerting system of the Forex Trend Scanner ensures that traders never miss a trading opportunity and can take advantage of signals in a timely manner, without having to constantly monitor the charts.

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