FletBreakFX Advisor is a Dark Horse! forex robot

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FletBreakFX Advisor is a Dark Horse! forex robot 1

Timeframe: any 
Trading Time: set by parameters 
Recommended currency pairs: EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY  Description: The 
EA starts working on the breakdown of a box with a market order. Box formation time is set in parameters. If the price has gone in the right direction, then the trawl is included in the work. But if the price, having broken the channel, went in the opposite direction, then the adviser opens the opposite position with a larger volume. The expert shows a good job on yen pairs, but do not forget that there is a martingale here. 
Likewise, the GBPNZD pair has pleased today. In the new week, the adviser entered with a winding on this pair, which contained 3 coups. But in the first half of Monday, the adviser closed it with a small profit. I love the closure of such significant windings, not only because of the decrease in drawdown but also because they sometimes bring greater profit due to rebate services, as orders with large lots are closed. After that, in the evening on the GBPNZD the purchase opened, while in a small minus.

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Could today get a good profit from closing a single sale for a pair of pound-dollar of about 300 pips. But he conducted an analysis on the pair and outlined the level, near which he decided to close – this is approximately 1.2440. Today was a weak day on the movement and the couple did not get there, turned around. It would be more correct to close the order, but now we will wait for the pair at the intended level.
How nice it is to post a post about the success of the adviser in the trading arena already in the morning. At night, there were good moves in the Asian session, especially on currency pairs with the British pound. Yesterday evening, the adviser opened a purchase for the GBPNZD pair, but yesterday there was no necessary growth. It followed at night and, waking up in the morning and seeing a good profit, fixed the profit from the purchase of 275 points. Also, a single sale was opened yesterday for a pair of pound-dollar, which he did not dare to close. And this morning also decided to cover all the same and earned 235 points of profit. Although the couple literally just reached my intended goal 1.2440, I almost got it. But even so well managed to snatch a pair with an adviser from forex. The beginning made me very happy. Today, by the way, I heard that a new prime minister will be announced in the UK and pound pairs can be thrown. Although, in principle, it is almost
known who they will be. Everybodyfat profit

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With the beginning of the working week and with the first profit, a pair of pounds-lbl with three coups and a capillary of 20.37 cents closed, 0.72% of the deposit is good. A pair of euro-yen in the thought of no orders, on the other pairs of orders open from 2 to 4, well, well we work on. Yes arrive with us profit. All success and good luck.

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