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EA Monitoring AP
Hello everyone, dear traders! I will bring to your attention a new modification that was painfully familiar to most AP traders at one time. I will not say good and bad in the old AP, nor will I express my attitude to the Martin and AP 3.0, in particular. So, what is still new in AP 6.3? The EA works both ways at the same time (long & short). Advisor input is based on an analysis of incoming signals from two indicators (RSI & Stoch) and plus an analysis of the last six bars. The minimum advisor settings, literally the most necessaryplus changeable settings of the indicators themselves in the EA are also available. A kind request to potential testers, do not forget dear ones – this is Martin, with all its pros and cons! Albeit a little restrained, but still Martin. Please do not be greedy with the settings! If you don’t understand anything in the Expert Advisor’s settings, just set the default values ​​in the Expert Advisor (for five characters, just add zero to the TakeProfit and Step values)! Below is a description of the settings, the adviser itself and a link to the current monitoring of this advisor in real life.

EA Monitoring AP 6.3 forex robot 2

Update : EA Monitoring AP V6.3
I want to bring to your attention my version of the entry, in this case, the owl AP3.0, if the author of this thread finds this entry point interesting, it might automate it, it would be very good. The entry point for divergence on the five-minute chart, at the moment of breaking through level 130 on the Fibo grid, an owl is launched with the aim of profit at level 100, if the price goes to level 160 then the profit is fixed according to the settings of the owl TP 30. step between orders 70 at five-digit quotes ( with a spread of 1.5 points)