aVSA v3.0 Forex Trading System

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As long as there is an exchange, there are as many laws that move the markets. Supply and demand, cause and effect, effort and result. Nothing has changed for over 400 years . In the early 20th century, Richard Wyckoff developed a method of trading and investing with the true logic behind price movements. In the mid-90s David H. Weis adapted the “tape reading” method to the modern market. aVSA v3.0 Forex Trading System

Nowadays, Oleg Shatunoff , successor and disciple of Tom Williams , an expert in VSA methodology, a professional trader with over 20 years of experience , has combined the principles of three methodologies into one unique system – Wyckoff Weis & Shatunoff. A system that allows the trader and investor to read the chart bar by bar. Decide on a trade based on the behavior of the volume, trading range and bar closing position. Determine if the market is ready to sell, buy and the depth of price movement

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If you cannot invest a large amount in your training at once, then you can start from scratch by studying the methodology yourself . I have prepared a special material for this category of students that allows you to get basic knowledge and start making a little money in the market . This will allow you, as soon as possible to collect the necessary funds for the passage of training at a higher level , ordering an individual or a correspondence course.


aVSA v3.0 Forex Trading System