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Exynox Scalper is another novelty of Karl Dittmann among the forex trading systems that works on all major pairs and timeframes M1-M30. According to the developer, the system is characterized by high profitability and ease of use, equipped with an understandable and timely notification system. And, of course, it is devoid of any repainting and lag



  • Installs in five minutes
  • Updates and improvements
  • personal email support
  • Reliable signals 100% of no repaint
  • One real live account
  • 24/7 email supportExynox Scalper pro ex 2


  • Exynos Scalper is a highly effective forex trading algorithm.
  • Exynox Scalper system comes with a user-friendly visual interface.
  • It requires only a minimal time investment
  • Also, you can find out high-profit signals
  • Exynox Scalper system includes built-in smart exit technology
  • This system involves a unique trend of power detection.
  • Exynox Scalper trading system involves multiple trading styles.


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download Exynox Scalper pro ex

  • FXVDA1.ex4
  • FXVDA2.ex4
  • FXVDA3.ex4
  • FXVEN1.ex4
  • FXVEN2.ex4
  • FXVEN3.ex4
  • FX Venom PRO – Threat 1 – mod.tpl
  • FX Venom PRO – Threat 2 – mod.tpl
  • FX Venom PRO – Threat 3 – mod.tpl
  • FXVENOMPRO – Consumer Handbook.pdf