Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot

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Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot 1

Advisor name: Grid 02

Released : 2 Feb 2021

Development site : Trade Like a Pro

Author: Jadavin Version: 1.00 Currency pairs : any

Timeframe : any

Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot

Description : A grid advisor related to the RSI indicator. Opens positions at the indicator value specified in the settings. closes by take profit – everything is as usual. TF cannot be switched. Presented in open source.


max_spread – max. spread
magic – magic
lot – initial lot
depo_per_lot – deposit corresponding to the minimum lot. If depo_per_lot = 0, the EA trades with a fixed lot specified in lot
rsi_period – period of the RSI indicator
rsi_high- upper level of the RSI indicator
rsi_low – lower level of the RSI indicator
max_knees – maximum number of knees of both grids (sell and buy) grid_step – step between grid orders
take profit – take profit of grids

TODO : it would be nice to add a scheduler, gap control and logging to it, but I have not been able to implement this yet. Backtests: no good tests.
Update: I have opted for a set for EURCAD H1, which has been running for 5 years. Wholesale 2019. Test 2016-2020. But this is a toy, because without TDS. Do not bet on real. But the snot at the end is simply due to the end of the test period and the mesh being opened.