Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot

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Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot 1

Advisor name: Grid 02

Released : 2 Feb 2021

Development site : Trade Like a Pro

Author: Jadavin Version: 1.00 Currency pairs : any

Timeframe : any

Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot

Description : A grid advisor related to the RSI indicator. Opens positions at the indicator value specified in the settings. closes by take profit – everything is as usual. TF cannot be switched. Presented in open source.


max_spread – max. spread
magic – magic
lot – initial lot
depo_per_lot – deposit corresponding to the minimum lot. If depo_per_lot = 0, the EA trades with a fixed lot specified in lot
rsi_period – period of the RSI indicator
rsi_high- upper level of the RSI indicator
rsi_low – lower level of the RSI indicator
max_knees – maximum number of knees of both grids (sell and buy) grid_step – step between grid orders
take profit – take profit of grids

TODO : it would be nice to add a scheduler, gap control and logging to it, but I have not been able to implement this yet. Backtests: no good tests.
Update: I have opted for a set for EURCAD H1, which has been running for 5 years. Wholesale 2019. Test 2016-2020. But this is a toy, because without TDS. Do not bet on real. But the snot at the end is simply due to the end of the test period and the mesh being opened.

Martingale Grid Ea Forex Robot 2