Fx multi currency no loss grid

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Fx multi currency no loss grid syncs with 6 pairs and enters the market when it receives buy or sell orders from the indicators inside. By using a kind of averaging method, the EA moves the Take Profit to the price of the last open order by the distance specified by the Take Profit point parameter According to the built-in indicators, if the price goes against, the EA begins opening the grid of orders, increasing the lot size through the Distance parameter, based on the Lot Multiplier parameter, if this is confirmed by a signal from the built-in indicators. It can be used to trade any pair of currency or several currency pairs at once. The EA should be installed only on one chart and it can be configured to trade any currency pair and period of time. It trades those pairs and on that period of time you specify.

By default, our EA has optimal settings for the M5 period, but can be altered in the setup. It can be configured for any period and for any currency pair. But it will only trade on those instruments and use the timeframe specified in the setup
Furthermore, if you specify the profit or loss percentage in the settings, the Fx Multi-currency No Loss Grid automatically closes all open positions.

The minimum level of drawdown is achieved by using 6 currency pairs, since profitable orders always overlap the unprofitable ones, but you should select the pairs so they are not tied to a single currency pair.

Because the MT4 terminal does not support testing multiple currency pairs at once, when using the strategy tester. For this, our tests will be conducted only on the currency pair. As you can see in live account Fx Multi-currency No Loss Grid doing well So try out the EA on a demo account first, and trade with it for some time so you can get a handle on what it does and what the risks are!

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