forex expert Advisor Hedge grow

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EA HedgeGrow is a forex expert advisor that uses hedging strategies to protect its equity in the event of a trend
reversal. This EA trading technique uses hidden TP to close all positions both buy and sell simultaneously. This EA can
also be used on many pairs, and all positions will close together when the target is met.

Entry points

  1. Signal from a simple moving average (SMA) period 20 on TF mS, ml S and HI.
  2. Highlow candlestick
    Exit point
  3. Stop loss and takeprofit
  4. Close all buy and sell positions simultaneously
  5. Stop loss and takeprofit
  6. Hidden TP (Close All)
  7. Recovery factor
  8. Order Exponent Support
    S. OrderMode = AveraginglJP or AveragingDOWN
  9. Close All positions in all pairs

In the Averaging up and Averaging Down forex strategies, traders open positions repeatedly in one direction only to
form a profit. Averaging Down is to buy within a certain price interval if a pair continues to move down, hoping to
double profits if prices later turn up. while Averaging Up is waiting for a pair to drop to its bottom, then you make a
buy. After that, traders buy gradually until the price almost touches the last profit target.
How works EA HedgeGrow