EA PITBULL New Update forex robot

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EA PITBULL New Update forex robot 1

The Pitbul Expert Advisor is distinguished by an aggressive style of work and tenacity, but in essence it is a classic netter, and even with an admixture of Martingale. This robot is based on several moving averages and allows you to make good money in certain market segments.
You should not count on the long-term work of the Advisor – after all, Martingale robots always merge. But you can earn a lot before this happens, so you shouldn’t immediately drop Pit Bull.

Pitbull v8 robot is the representative of a new wave of automated trading systems. Having appeared relatively recently, it has attracted the attention of simple and stable. Naturally, a positive result can only be achieved with the right settings. In this review, we will try to understand the intricacies of system optimization, and also offer two options for settings, aggressive and conservative.  

We’ll make a reservation right away, if you decide to use the Pitbull Robot Expert Advisor, calm and confident trading does not threaten you. The program trades on the verge of an acceptable foul, and every time you decide that the deposit has begun to drain, it rises from the ashes like a phoenix bird. The work is built according to the trend , using pending orders , and the Martingale averaging strategy is also applied . Averaging by the Martingale method makes trading risky, but with due attention, you will be able to avoid negative consequences

Before starting work, the Pitbull v8 advisor must be installed on the Forex chart . This is done in the same way as with other programs. The only difference is that together with the robot comes Forex indicator Vininl-HMA , which must be copied to the folder with indicators. Vininl-HMA is a modified moving average . When the bullish trend prevails on the exchange, the curve is green, when the bearish trend is red. This indicator is suitable for independent use as a high-quality trading assistant.

It is believed that the expert can trade on any currency pair , and time frames suitable for use are M5 and M15 . We tested the Pitbull Robot advisor on M15, the GBP / USD currency pair, since this is where the best results are observed. Standard recommendations, install the robot on 2 charts of one trading instrument . On one in the settings, allow trading only for purchase, on the other only for sale . This simple demarcation will increase your profit by at least 50%. As soon as a sufficient amount is accumulated in the account, it must be withdrawn and forced to make the Pit Bull 8 Expert Advisor trade from scratch.

The default value for all such programs is Lot . It is not recommended to change it, we leave by default 0.01 . An increase to 0.02 will not give any positive, significant results, but will increase the risks. This is followed by LotExponent , a very important criterion. Its change can significantly affect the results of trading. So, with other settings recommended by us, a value of 1.1 allowed for 4 months to increase the balance by 7%. Whereas a value of 2 added to the deposit 40% in 4 months. We recommend slightly modifying the Pitbull Robot Expert Advisor by changing the factory settings of LotExponent to 1.5 , which will give an increase of 15%.

EA PITBULL New Update forex robot 2