desire automated trading Forex robot

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Desire is a fully automated Expert Advisor and Assistant working every day, regardless of your presence.

It uses an algorithm that uses price movement as a primary indicator.

This system has predefined stop loss and take profit at the Fibonacci levels, as well as partial closing of the transaction at certain levels.


Automatic channel search for purchases and sales.
Fine-tuning to your trading style.
Editing channels in real time.
Automatic channel rebuilding when prices exit from the other side
Instant reversal algorithm when changing a trend.
Failure protection when rebooting a terminal or PC


Manage risks and work with small lots corresponding to your capital, this will extend the life of your capital and bring you the desired profit.
The EA is optimized for working with GBP / USD. When launched on other pairs, it will not work correctly on the default settings.
If you want to run on other pairs, select the settings manually.
This trading system is stable and is not designed to “disperse” the deposit.


—- Money Management —-

1) First Order (if <= 0, use% of the balance) – The size of the first open order is indicated here.

2) Percent (% of the balance | 1% = 1.0 |) – Uses the percentage of the deposit as the size of the first open order.

3) Multiplier (if <= 0, use Constant Lot) – the Multiplier at which you indicate how much your next order will increase when you receive Stop Loss

4) Lot Increment – Static lot size.

——- Fibonacci ——

1) Trading Channel – Here we indicate which channels we are looking for.

2) Timeframe – Time frame of the bot.

3) MinHeight Fibo for Search – The minimum Fibonacci height for building a channel.

4) Fibo Levels – What levels to display

5) Add Dodge in Search (Price: Open = Close) – whether to add bars in the Dodge form to the channel construction (+)

—- Order Setup —-

1) Lvl Take Profit – Fibonacci level where Take Profit will be by default

2) Multiple Profit levels (if <= 0, Disabled) – Here you can specify several fibonacci levels for profit taking

*** (Order to divide equal parts into each level) ***

3) Lvl Stop Loss – Fibonacci level where the default stop loss will be

4) Trailing Stop (if <= 0, not use) – Distance of the Trailing Stop to the price.

5) Trailing Distance – The distance at which we activate Trailing Stop