SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot

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SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot 1

The system place the trades based on the trend. Is adequate for symbols which usually moves in strong trends, or any symbol which has enter in a trend period.

For this reason, works very well with XAUUSD (GOLD/USD), because this symbol tend to move in strong mid/long term trends (like Bitcoin) and as is an uptrend in the long term, use the system only in the long side, can boost the performance.

The objective of the system is over perform the performance of a symbol in trend, in the long term.

Live setup

The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only the size of the orders must be checked.

The EA must be attached to a M5 chart. From this chart, the EA manages the selected timeframes in the parameters.

The EA is very lightweight in resources demand, and can be used with other EAs.


The symbols must be backtested on the M5 timeframe.

SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot 2

SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot


Open long positions. 0: no 1: yes
Open short positions. 0: no 1: yes
Use M5 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes
Use M15 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes
Use M30 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes
Use H1 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes
Stop loss distance multiplier
Take profit distance multiplier
Autolot. Balance percentage to consider (between 0-200.0)
Size OPTION 1. %risk/trade. Risk assumed in each position.
Size OPTION 2. Fixed Order Size. Applies if Option 1 = 0
Max.Position. Limit in the number of positions for the symbol
Allowed hours for open (ex: 14;15;16;17) If blank: all
Allowed_Days=””; // Allowed days for open (ex: 1;2;3;4) If blank: all
Backtest hour. -2: all -1: on time param. 0-23: single hours
BacktestDay=-2; // Backtest day. -2: all -1: on time param. 0-6: single days
Min. Virtual Balance (used if balance is below this value)
Lot Size Cap. If > 0, will cancel orders with higher size.
Define the order comment. Special key word: #magic

SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot 3

SFE Gold element Fever Forex Robot 4