Manual Trading Assistant CM-Trade System forex robot

I am developing a new adviser designed to help with trading.  Advisor can place pending and market orders. It knows how to delete and close orders, as well as set stop loss take profit, can translate into breakeven and trawl. All actions are carried out using the control buttons. 
A small FAQ by an expert. 
The control panel is compact. The pending order management buttons are hidden. The trade control panel has buttons and information fields. Settings There is nothing to describe in the settings, everything is already there. At the very end of the settings there is an option that allows you to move and dock the control panel anywhere on the chart.

The program allows you to quickly respond to sudden market movements, all control is concentrated in a panel in one place on the screen. On the chart itself, breakeven levels are displayed separately for all Buy positions, separately for all Sell positions. And one common breakeven for all positions opened by an expert. The breakeven is displayed by two labels by Bid and Ask. 
The panel can be changed to your preference. For maniacs, all color settings are displayed. There are no boundaries for imagination  
An expert, besides working in real conditions, can work in a strategy tester, which gives traders a unique opportunity to test their strategies for manual trading and simply hone their skills, consolidate techniques, and even sort out the mistakes made at yesterday’s trading. 
An example of the panel in the tester:

version 190416 – modification in one line Waiting for your suggestions for improving the adviser.