Trade 4 news forex robot

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Trade 4 news forex robot 1

Trade 4 news forex robot

News time: set time for upcoming news. Use MT4 time.
Distance: set the distance in Pips from the price to put stop orders
Cancel sec: set the time in the seconds to cancel both stop orders
Trading days: enable days you want to trade
TakeProfit: fixed take profit value of the order
StopLoss: initial stop loss value of the order
Lot: Lot Size
TSL: enable or disable trailing SL option.
TStart/Level: trail your SL to make profit and avoid losses on small moves. It works as: Start 5, Level 7, Step 4 means that at +12 Pips (start + level), SL moves to +5 Pips (start) and follow the price on 7 Pips (level) distance with step 4 Pips (change each 4 pips).
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Main opportunity to get big Pips is a news time. We would like to offer nice device that help to increase win trades and reduce news risks. All options are available on the chart panel. You can easy change parameters and stay safe. Idea: chose news that probably will affect Market a lot. There are many free services that provide news announce (date & time) and possible Market affect (weak/medium/strong). Best way to chose just strong news. All process takes just few minutes. Even if you are busy – you may find few mins for trading. Right?

Step 1: set news time and name/comment for you(Market watch MT4 time)
Step 2: set lot size, distance in Pips for upcoming Buy/Sell stop orders (above/below the current price). You will see 2 lines (blue and red) on X distance from the price 1 minute before the time you set. Lines will move up and down and strictly follow the price on distance Pips.
Step 3: 5 sec before news time you set – 2 stop orders appear.
Step 4: You may set cancel time is seconds. By default its 60 sec. In 60 seconds both stop orders will be removed. If you get a BUY or SELL order – it will cancel other stop order. Chose days of the week (just if you want to set it up for WED news, you can simply do it on TUE) and enable TSL option for extra safety.

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