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Good news for traders who always use the forex factory calendar to look for important news release schedules from forex, so I created an EA trap using the news datafeed directly from the forex factory calendar. As a fundamental trader, you must be familiar with the ffcal indicator which for some time had an error when retrieving data from the forexfactory web caused by an internal link movement, so it needed to be fixed so that it could be used again.

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On this occasion I will share an EA news trap or commonly called a straddle. News straddle is one of the best forex trading strategies ever. As the name implies, this strategy is based on high-impact forex news, to look for profit opportunities from big moves after news releases. To make it easier for us to trade, I have created an EA News Trap expert advisor, which is MSNS. This EA is also one of the results of an update from the EA Forex Straddle Pro with improvements to old features and also the addition of new features. What’s new? Among other things, improvements to the news datafeed of the forexfactory calendar and also the addition of the best new features.

Ea news trap forex robot is also equipped with a virtual pending stop order, so that our pending stop is not known by the broker. The advantage of using this virtual pending soup is that we can use the pending stop distance below the broker’s stoplevel value. Display settings Note: Make sure the pairs traded are in accordance with the selected news impact, which is expected to have a significant impact on market volatility

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