ARTILAS EA Forex Robot

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The advisor at Atlas Forex is responsible for all trading decisions. The advisor has 30-years of Forex trading experience. He ran global proprietary trading and emerging markets at major investment banks throughout the world. He is highly trained in the art of technical and fundamental analysis as well as in the psychology of trading and at the art of decision making as it relates to making trading decisions. He is an expert at optimizing the performance of proprietary trading teams and at mentoring individual traders. The advisor has been directly responsible for well over $1 billion in Forex related trading revenue. In 2004, he partnered with a group of Ivy League trained astrophysicists and cofounded a highly successful algorithmic trading operation which was sold to a major money center bank in 2006. Also, the advisor was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in the United States by Ernst & Young for his role as the co-founder of one of the largest Forex brokers in the world.