Chinna EA Forex Robot

12 / 100
Chinna EA Forex Robot 1

1. Time frame:
For scalper : MI time frame (100% profit / couple of days..but risky!!) Use chinna Equity protector to set TP / SL. It will
save your a/c from blowing.
For Normal : MIS or HI ( min. 100% profit/ month)
2. No. of Pair:
1 currency pair for each 10003 standard / ECN a/c with any low spread brokers.
Min. 100$ CENT or Micro a/c with any low spread brokers
3. Any recommended currency pair:
ANY MAJOR PAIR like eur/usd. Gbpusd, usdjpy, usdchf. Audusd
0.01 LOT/ 1000$ standard a/c
0.05 lot/ 100$ Cent a/c. Once balance is doubled you can double the lot size or add one more currency pair
If you have unstable internet connection you may consider to have one, not compulsory. aut EA should be on 24 hrs/S
6. Should I turn off EA dueing High impact news hours?
Its safe to turn off EA during high impact news. use Icefx indicator. It will auto turn on/off during news hours.

Chinna EA Forex Robot 2