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Basic Process of asmani pro ea forex robot
1) Every time marketplace reaches to both Overbought or Oversold place in line with M15 time-frame, Asmani Professional will get in a position for the industry.
2) The real industry is taken when there’s transparent reversal of the craze from Overbought / Oversold place, in line with 3 Signs (RSI, MA and Bollinger Bands)
3) After opening first industry, if the marketplace is going in incorrect route then Asmani once more waits for 2d industry and it’s once more taken the place there’s yet another reversal of pattern.
4) On this method Asmani is going on opening the trades until choice of trades succeed in to Order in line with Basket (OPB) given via person. (Default worth is 5 orders
The Lotsize for each and every new order is taken in line with the inputs given as underneath.
a) The lotsize of first order of basket is taken in line with AutoLotsCap Surroundings or Lotmultiplier surroundings.
b) If Martin Add is ready to False, the Lotsize for additional orders, is taken as lot dimension of first order

C) If Martin Add is ready to true, then new industry is thinking about preliminary lot added to previous lot.
6) The entire basket is closed when explicit benefit is reached as given via person as ProfitPerBasket. There may be a in-built function, which is able to cut back the benefit in line with basket if no of trades are extra, to be able to shut the basket once imaginable.
7) If is ready true then after 5th industry in basket, Asmani get started reversing the trades to scale back the DD. At Business No. Specified as BasketLockPosition, Asmani locks the basket via opening equivalent purchase and promote trades. This example may be very uncommon and used as FUSE for no longer blowing down the account.

ONE OF THE MOST SAFE AND POPULAR EAS !! * Low Risk / Consistent Profit EA.
* Works on EURUSD and EURJPY on M15 Timeframe only.
* Capital requirement:
Minimum : $300
Ideal : $1000

asmani pro ea forex robot
Backtesing for Asmani
I personally don’t believe in very deep level of backtesting.
Yes, back testing should be done upto certain level to ensure that whether the EA is not failing frequently.
By spending just few hours we can back test an EA whether it is successful for 95% of cases. Actually after 95% confirmation, even if we spend 100s of days in back testing we will never reach to that 100% level to get assurance that the EA will give 100% safe profits in future.
In fact, based on very deep level of back testing, we are unnecessarily making the EA very conservative to just be safe from a condition which has occurred just single time in past. And by doing this, we are losing lot of prospective profit.
I am ready for that back test at deepest possible level, which can assure you 100% that the EA will NEVER FAIL in future. Unfortunately such back test does not exist.
We can optimize all parameters using back tests, but we can never optimize one parameter and that parameter is LUCK!
So let us just be sure that EA is 95% working as expectations and then leave everything to that Market and your Luck!

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