Hamster Grid Forex Robot

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Hamster Grid Forex Robot 1

A professional grid advisor works according to RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) indicators. and has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders. The chart displays information about the profit.



RSI_PERIOD – period for calculating the relative strength index;
UP_LEVEL – upper bound;
DN_LEVEL – lower bound;
RSI_TIMEFRAME – timeframe for calculation;
START_LOT – initial lot;
LOT_MULTIPLIER – lot multiplier in the order grid;
MAX_LOT – maximum lot;
STEP_ORDERS – order grid step;
STEP_MULTIPLIER – order step multiplication factor, if = -1 then it is not used;
MAX_STEP – maximum order grid step;
OVERLAP_ORDERS – from which order to enable the order overlap function;
OVERLAP_PIPS – minimum profit in pips for closing unprofitable orders;
STOPLOSS, TAKEPROFIT – stop loss and take profit in pips, if = -1 is not used;
BREAKEVEN_STOP, BREAKEVEN_STEP – level and step of breakeven, if = -1 is not used;
TRAILING_STOP, TRAILING_STEP – trailing stop level and step, if = -1 is not used;
MAGIC_NUMBER, ORDERS_COMMENT – magic order number and comment;
START_TIME, END_TIME – time at which it is allowed to open orders. if = “00:00”, then not used;