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Automatic News Trader EA forex Robot is an automated News Trader EA that is Free to Download. It is not based on any indicators; it simply uses High impact news to trade. The technique of Forex News Trading is straightforward. After big news releases, market prices will fluctuate, either for better or worse, depending on the announcement.

A currency pair could instantly gain or lose one hundred pips within minutes of a planned economic announcement. Research has proved that news announcements can cause a currency to gain or lose anywhere from 20 to 300 pips, all within a few minutes. The best thing about this is that the day and time of the news releases are published in advance.

Automatic News Trader places pending orders in both directions so that if the news significantly impacts the Forex rates, you are set and ready to cash in on the market momentum. The news is automatically downloaded from reputable online places such as ForexFactory and then screened according to your needs and preferences. You can see and trade all the news or just those related to the current pair on the chart. Moreover, there are several other filters, such as the impact the news has on the markets, whether or not the forecast outcome of the reports to be released should be different from the previous report (an indicator of a larger price movement expectancy), and others.

It does not use dangerous trading methods like martingale, grid, head, etc. It can trade with a fixed lot or use an auto lot and increase the size of the transaction automatically according to the specified criteria. The maximum drawdown percentage is low for this EA, which allows using this adviser on a small deposit.

Recommendations for this Forex News Trading EA
Minimum account balance of 100$.
Work best on GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, and EURUSD. (Work on any pair)
Work the same on All TimeFrames.
Automatic News Trader EA must be online at News Releases for best performance. Recommend using a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
Low Spread ECN account is also recommended

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