NorthWest Metatrader 4 EA forex robot

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NorthWest Metatrader 4 EA forex robot 1

NorthWest Metatrader 4 EA forex robot is an automated Metatrader 4 EA that is Free to Download. It works based on a well-known trend reversal strategy to buy at low and sell at high. It uses a virtual trade in determining position entry and does not use any indicators, and it doesn’t require complicated settings because you just need to load one of the given set files.

It has a simple formula to work. To overcome false reversal before a real reversal occurs, ea uses virtual trade to measure the highest and lowest trend, pending stop so that the entry point is not too late or too early, grid averaging, with mild martingale lot, widening the step, closing partial losing position to reduce drawdown and finally use trailing to generate maximum profit.

This Metatrader EA does not require a large deposit to limit risk, and the worst-case scenario is losing small amounts of money. Whether you use a Grid EA or a Non-Grid EA, you still have to limit the amount of your deposit because even with a non-grid EA that uses StopLoss, you can still lose your money if you hit stop loss multiple times.
Big profits with a small deposit.
It has a low Drawdown. The drawdown shows the accuracy of the Expert advisor in opening positions. With high accuracy, it will not require a large deposit.
Entry point accuracy can be obtained using the strategy of buying at low and selling at high. Looking for and waiting for the formation of extreme highs for sell and extreme lows for buy requires patience because this can take a day or two or even a week or two, depending on the current trend movement. So this Metatrader 4 EA can go days without taking any trades.

Virtual techniques of this Metatrader EA
Virtual trades: This virtual technique measures the upper and lower limits of the trend reversal.
Virtual Pending Order: This virtual technique is to place a pending order so that the position entry is not too late or too early. The virtual technique will guarantee that your pending orders are not easily shifted by the broker (for any reason).
Virtual Grid: Virtual technique in determining the next open position if the previous open position experienced a loss.
Virtual Stoploss and Virtual Takeprofit: stop loss and take profit on the MT4 client and will not appear on the broker’s server so that brokers do not easily detect them.
Virtual close partial, EA will calculate profit and loss open positions and close partial the far loss position to reduce the used margin.
It can trade with a fixed lot or use an auto lot and increase the size of the transaction automatically according to the specified criteria. The maximum drawdown percentage is low for this NorthWest EA, which allows using this adviser on a small deposit.

Recommendations for this Metatrader 4 EA
Use the smallest possible start balance; in this case, use 100$. If it’s not enough, add funds gradually.
It works on 20 Pairs, and set files for these pairs are included.
Work best on M15 TimeFrames. (Work on any time frame)
It would be good to withdraw regularly and have a good money management strategy.
This Metatrader 4 Expert advisor should work on VPS without interruption and with a decent internet connection to reach stable results. So we recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
Low spread account is also recommended

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