Burning Man forex robot

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Burning Man forex robot 1

Burning Man forex robot- advisor managing a basket of orders for different currency pairs. EA does not use martingale. Each order has a take profit and stop loss. Also, the adviser can close all orders for all currency pairs for total profit or loss.


Buy – enable/disable buy direction.
Sell – enable/disable sell direction.
MaxOrders – the maximum number of orders.
Start_Hour – time from which advisor is allowed to open positions.
End_Hour – time until which advisor is allowed to open positions.
Initial lot – lot.
Autolot – enable/disable auto lot calculation.
Autolot size – amount of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto lot is enabled
Dictance at MA – dictance at MA indicator to open order.
Close from reverse signal – enable/disable close positions from the reverse signal.
Close according to general profit – enable/disable close all orders total profit in dollars;
TP currency (0 not use )- profit value in dollars to close the basket of orders;
Sl currency (0 not use) -loss value in dollars to close the basket of orders;
Max spread – maximum spread in which the advisor is allowed to open and close positions.
Show Statistics – show/hide statistics.
MA parametrs – Movinf avarege indicator settings.
Show Button Close – enable/disable the button for closing orders.
Magic EA – magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.
revers open orders – opening orders in the opposite direction.
min distance – minimum distance between grid orders.
virtual TP – virtual take profit in points.
virtual ST – virtual stop loss in points.

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