DOS EA forex robot

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DOS EA forex robot 1

Works for each main foreign money pair, based mostly on Day by day bars.
No indicators or oscillators wanted.
Based mostly on greater than ID years of historical past information examine.
Common Down technique.
Many of the trades in 1st entry will shut in TP, but when value goes towards the commerce, we’ll open further trades as
soon as a day till we shut all open trades as a “basket’ of trades when sum of cash of the basket is optimistic.

If distinction in pips between Open to Shut (or Near Open) of earlier every day closed bar is greater than 110 pips, then
on the open of presentday open a market order to the reverse path of earlier day.
i.e: if yesterday’s every day bar is aullish (moved up) and BODY (Shut value – Open value) is greater than 110 pips, then in
the present day on the Open of latest every day bar, at 00:00, open Promote market order.
Be aware: if unfold at midnight is just too excessive (greater than 4.0 pips) – Don’t open a commerce but. Wait with
market order until unfold narrows again. It could take even 1-2 hours however normally its going to take just a few
minutes. So as soon as unfold is lower than 4.0 pips, open the commerce.
TP = 20 to SO pips, is determined by foreign moneys volatility.
If value goes from final entry towards the path of the commerce, open on the Open of each new day an extra market
order with similar lot measurement as unique commerce. No TP for added commerce.
Shut all trades collectively when sum of all open worthwhile and shedding trades (“basket”) is optimistic (could also be
0.1$ or 1$).
As a substitute of SL: If sum of all open trades (“basket”) is shedding greater than 25% of account stability shut all
trades. *This may increasingly occur as soon as in a decade if in any respect.
110 pips – is determined by foreign moneys volatility. Will be 70 pips for low volatility currencies and then again will be
150 pips for prime volatility currencies

DOS EA forex robot 2

For account stability of every 2,000 the fastened lot measurement will likely be 0.03.
i.e if account stability is 12,000 and as much as 13,999 than fastened lot measurement is 0.18
i.e if account stability is 20,000 and as much as 21 ,999 than fastened lot measurement is 0.3

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