happy monday forex robot

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happy monday forex robot is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pair with proven live results. It uses price action and certain seasonality weekly patterns to safely identify point of entry at the very beginning of the week

Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss

The EA can work in 3 modes:

Strategy ? (Best Entries Only) – relatively rare trading, but quality of the average trade is at it’s maximum. No martingale, grid or hedging is used
Strategy B (Minimal Filtering) – more frequent trading for those who prefer having more trades. No martingale, grid or hedging is used
Strategy C (Recovery Mode) – the EA will recover faster during drawdowns using several averaging trades, which gives more comfortable growth curve
All modes are FIFO compliant

Stable growth curve as a result of a high % of winning trades
Stress-tested on all available history
Automatic GMT adjustment
The minimum deposit: $50 for Strategy ?, B and $300 for Strategy C
Easy setup and use

Timeframe: M15
Currency pairs: EURUSD

Input Parameters
TradingStrategy – select the strategy you want to use
StartLotSize – proportional lot size if EnableAutoLot is set to true and fixed lot size in case EnableAutoLot is set to false
EnableAutoLot – trading lot will increase with an increase in your account’s balance
FundsForAutoLot – here you can set the amount of balance to be used for every StartLotSize if EnableAutoLot is set to true. E.g. FundsForAutoLot=1000 and StartLotSize=0.05 means that for every $1000 there will be 0.05 lots opened
MaxLotSize – set the max. allowed lot size
MaxLotSizeToSplit – use to split a large parent position into several child orders, ‘MaxLotSizeToSplit’ is the max. lot size for each child order
EquitySoftStop% – the EA will not open the initial orders if account equity falls below the specified percentage of the account balance.
EquityHardStop% – the EA will not open any new order and will close all open positions if account equity falls below the specified percentage of the account balance.
MaxNumberOpenPosition – if the max. number of open positions exceeds this value, the EA will not open a new trade. Set it to 0 if you want to disable this feature.
DisableHolidays – not to trade during New Year holidays.
ShutDown – set it to ‘true’ if you don’t want to trade after the current position/basket is closed
SpreadFilterPips – if the spread is bigger than the value specified here, the trade won’t be opened
MaxSlippagePips – set here what maximum slippage you can take on your Instant account (not ECN)
GMT/DST_Offset_Auto – if true, the EA will try to find the correct broker’s GMT offset automatically.Remember to allow requests to https://www.worldtimeserver.com
GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual – set your broker’s time zone (in winter)
DaylightSavingTime_Manual – if your broker uses daylight saving time, set this to Europe or US
OrderTakeProfitPips – the size of Take Profit in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
OrderStopLossPips – the size of Stop Loss in pips
TrailStopSizePips – trailing stop when a position is in profit. The trailing stop level will follow the position if it becomes increasingly profitable
TrailStopStartPips – number of pips to activate trailing stop-loss
BreakEvenPips – profit in pips at which the EA automatically moves stop-loss to break even
EnableTradeDuration – set to true if you want to limit position holding time
TradeDuration – set the maximum position holding time, in bars
AvgMaxTrades – maximum number of averaging trades
AvgMultiplier – averaging coefficient
AvgStepPips – step in pips between averaging trades
AvgCustomSettings – custom averaging coefficients, separated by commas
BasicMagicNumber – add Magic number to trace trades you made with this EA. It must be less than 99999
TradeComment – add any comments to your trades
PanelWidth – allows you to change the Info panel width

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