Hedge Fund Ea Fedtm Forex Robot

Introducing my own mathematical algorithms Gold Mining system 2020:

I report the results of my tests – Eur / LJsd time frame H4- lot 0.01. Starting from 30 August and until S September, 20
trades have been created, including 4 losses for a total of 2.77 euros and 16 gains for a total of 21.01 euros. The test
period is limited but it seems interesting to me as a performance.

Time frame is 4H
you can trade on any pairs
mu suggestion is use correlation pairs
yes Initiale balance 3000 USD (1 pair – SOOO IJSD)
Those who want to watch and more info please leave your Email in post

Proper stop loss system
No Grid
No Marti
No average
No arbitration
No scalping