Best FTMO Passing Forex Robot

66 / 100

Best FTMO Passing Forex Robot 1

Best FTMO Passing Forex Robot is a fully automated Free forex EA. It incorporates advanced strategies and analyzes multiple time frames and multi-pairs. The Expert Advisor continues to analyze the market tick by tick and check if the entry option is still valid.

GoldenOwl EA is equipped with an Equity Setting (SL) and a News’s Filter Option, that when ENABLED, this EA will close all trades right before any High Impact News is released. You can use this bot on any account size, just adjust the lot sizes accordingly! For any level of trader, this EA comes with preset for ETCUSD(Ethereum), XAUUSD(Gold) and US30 Including preset for the FTMO funding program, so you do not have to worry about what lot size to apply to your capital.


Minimum Ceny account balance of 100$ or FTMO challange accounts.
Work Best on XAUUSD(GOLD). (presets given for other good pairs and FTMO Challanges)
Work Best on H1 Timeframe (any Timeframe)
Do not switch between accounts or turn off your PC while the bot runs.
To reach stable results, the Best FTMO Passing Robot should work 24/7 on VPS. So we Recommend running this free forex EA on a reliable VPS