EA OVERRICH 88 V9 Forex robot

18 / 100
EA OVERRICH 88 V9 Forex robot 1

EA overRich 88
Conditions and instructions for use
Use with Cent account type
Capital at 3S USD or more,
Leverage is set at 1 per 1 ,OOO. Anyone who uses the same account, check the account settings too.
Send me the trading account number that I want to use EA OverRich 8 8. Once verified under 1B, I will send EA OverRich
EA OverRich 8 8 is recommended for use in 1 currency EURUSD currency pair (can be used with other currencies and
can allow EA OverRich 8 8 to trade more than 1 currency pair, but at the beginning it is recommended to trade in
one currency Finding values that are suitable for other currencies)
Suitable Time Frame M 15

Compatible with metatrader 4 (MT4) only.
** Preparation before use
EA OverRich88 V9 Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Forex Robot Trading
1 expertex4/ 2 indicators / presets (l didn’t test the presets, I don’t know if they are profitable, they are the author’s
1 user manual Indian Language pdf

EA OVERRICH 88 V9 Forex robot 2

EA OVERRICH 88 V9 Forex robot 3