Forex Profit Night Hunter

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Forex Profit Night Hunter: Forex trading at night presents excellent opportunities for both long-term investment strategies and short-term strategies such as scalping.
What is the purpose of trading at night?
According to where you are located, depending on what time the night is, night trading can refer to one of the three major currency markets – Asia, North America, or the European Union.
In light of the fact that most currency trading takes place on North American and European markets (80%) night trading is typically associated with markets in Asia.

Even if they trade during the day in their own country, Asian currency traders will sometimes refer to themselves as night traders because the period between the US market closing and the opening of the European market is known globally as the after-hours or night session.
What are the best currency pairs to trade at night?
All currency pairs can be traded at night, so the answer to this question really boils down to your risk tolerance and your trading strategy.
But the best on is the Asian currency pairs such as the AUD/NZD or AUD/JPY.
• Minimum Balance 500$ • leverage 1:400 • TF : M15 • Pair : AUD/NZD or AUD/JPY

To detect the trend, Forex Profit Night Hunter uses ATR, MA, B-Bands, and Super Trend Line, and manage all parameters like Stop Loss, Take Profit, Martingale Steps, Money Management, Time Management, and Closing orders.
You will need to set the GMT offset according to your broker.

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