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MEF Algosoftbot
MEF Algosoftbot
Soft MT5 Single Order Expert Advisors
No Grid Hedging Averaging Martingale Switching

Parameter Input :
1.Broker Option Features for Forex & Synthetic Indices
Broker options MEF Algosoftbot parameter input are adjusted as follows
Brokers that only provide Immediate or Cancel options , choose ICMARKET
Brokers that only provide Fill or Kill options , choose Binary
The broker that provides both options , choose ICMARKET

This Broker Option is to ensure MEF Algosoftbot can make transactions. How do I check the Fill Policy ?
Try clicking New Order on your broker’s MT5 manually and see

2.Opsi Digit
Choose For forex , if trade on All Forex Pair
Choose For volatile , if trade on Synthetic Indices Pair (

3.Opsi Lot choose Autolot or Fixed lot
4.Fixed Lot input your manual Lot

5.Pembagi Balance
Pembagi balance work for Autolot
Default 20000 , for example with $50000 then MEF order 2.5 Lot

6.Hidden TP feature to set Virtual Take Profit
7.Hidden SL feature to set Virtual Stop Loss
8.Used Trailing true / false feature to set Virtual Lock Profit
9.Hidden Trailing for locking profit Virtual

Suitable For All Favorite Pairs And All Your Brokers
Recommendation MEF Algosoftbot run H4 with TP 150 SL 100 Trailing 35 ( For XAUUSD TP 1500 SL 1000 Trailing 350)
With same preset you can run for 10 Pair. All Account Types The Minimum Deposit Is Only $100

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