Holiday Forex Robot

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Holiday Forex Robot, Expert team has a combined 25 years of forex market experience to put together a system that provides longterm growth with a low-risk experience. A 100% automated trading expert advisors have clients in over 100 countries.
The smart Robot can avoid holidays that produce unpredictable market moves with the holiday filter. EA has a list of holidays we want our clients to avoid.

Do not want the software to trade a particular day? Simply add it to the holiday file and it won’t.
Using retrace technology is the most efficient way to profit from wins, and limit losses. It has been part of our software for ten years, and it has been updated hundreds of times to ensure that it remains the best on the market.
The low-risk trading approach, coupled with this technology, is perfect for any level of trader, regardless of your experience. This will guarantee the rapid growth of your account. The broker should have low fees, low swaps, and also a fast server. The Trader Indicator works with any broker and any type of account, but we recommend our clients use one of the best brokers listed below:

A smart technology constantly monitors the market conditions at all times, ensuring that the EA only enters trades when the conditions are right. If you want to be successful, stay tuned to your surroundings, and adapt.
The trailing stop feature lets us set a hard stop loss that doesn’t move once the trade reaches a specified pip value, so we’re able to let our trades breathe and pick up larger wins. The Break-even feature does the same thing, except it sets a hard stop loss that doesn’t move once the trade reaches a specified pip value.

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