Hippo Trader Pro forex robot

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Hippo Trader Pro forex robot is a trading robot for the trading on forex. This is a Trend Following system that trades mainly during Asian and European Session.

The EA has been subjected to stress tests for a period of 17 years and passes every year with a very advantageous profit/drawdown ratio.

Hippo Trader Pro Work in EURUSD M1

This Ea is Fifo Compliance (with the appropriate settings)

It analyzes the market without using obsolete indicators and pattern, looking for the main trend, entering the market based on volatility (ATR Filter) and some Trend Pattern to predict the likely future trend.

The maximum accuracy backtests allowed show a high payout rate and good resistance to unexpected market events.

This Ea use Relative Vigor Index oscillator for identify the trend.

Recommended Test Period 2003 to Today.

if you can not run a backtest, watch the video below.

Note, default global stop loss is set at 1000 usd (or your base currency) every 0.01 start lot size -> adjusts the risk based on this


Symbol                     EURUSD
Timeframe               M1
Test From               2003
Settings                   Default or set files
Brokers                    Any
Minimum Deposit       1000 usd, recommended 3k
Market Entry                method Market Order
Tester Method              tick by tick
Fifo Compliance           Yes with set file


Lot: lot amount with autolot disabled
Autolot: Enable autolot or disable it
Sqrt lot: autolot under square root (conservative autolot)
Risk: risk for autolot calculation, It is not a percentage of the capital
Magic Number: id for identify Ea orders
Spread Allowed: spread limit, over no trade will be open
Relative vigor index Periods: Rvi oscillator periods
Relative vigor index Timeframe: Rvi timeframe periods
Fast Atr Periods: Atr indicator periods
Slow Atr Periods: Atr indicator periods
Super slow atr periods: Atr indicator periods
Atr timeframe: timeframe for atr period
Enable Fixed Trading Hour: if true, change from recommended trading hours to your trading hours
Fixed Start Hour: hour for start trading
Fixed Start Minute: minute for start
Fixed Stop Hour: hour for stop trading
Fixed Stop Minute: minute for stop
close friday night: Close when the Friday is over
close friday hour: Hour for close friday
Monday: Enable trading on this Day (same for others)
Enable Buy: Enable Buy Trade
Enable Sell: Enable Sell Trade
Allow buy and sell at the same time: if true allow it
Fifo closing: if true, allow fifo close mode
Max Orders: Maximum number of orders
Coeff Sum: Position increase coeff
Minimum Distance: Minimum Distance For secondary Positions
One Trade Bar Grid: if true, robot can open only one trade for bar for grid orders.
Timeframe Secondary Order: Timeframe for secondary Trades.
Take Profit: take profit for orders
Modify Take Profit for First Order: Use a different take profit for the first order
Take Profit for first order: take profit for first order
Close only end of bar: close trades only at the end of M1 bar
Enable Money Max Loss: Enable Loss Limit in money
Every Microlot: Moltiply the amount of “money max loss” x 100 x lot
Stop Trading When Hit: Stop Trading when you hit max loss
Maximum Monetary loss: Maximum Monetary Loss amount
Trade Comment: trades comments
Enable Orders Counter: Counter orders on comment
Change Chart Color: change chart color
Show panel: show panel
Show close buttons: show close buttons
Show error: show error

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