RED Price Action Candle Pattern 2.0 PLATINUM PACK Forex Robot

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Includes five indicators Changes

RED Engulfing indicators – Absorption
RED Inside Bar – Inside bar
+ The rails and absorption indicators have built-in trend filters by 2 MA and reverse by RSI, as well as in the pin-bar
indicator + All indicators have a built-in multi-currency dashboard that can enable in the settings, set pairs, timeframes and alerts.
+ Quick change of currency pair and timeframe by clicking on the corresponding field in the dashboard
+ Indicators are compatible with the new version of the RED Trade Panel 2.2and do not cause conflicts when quickly changing currency through a dashboard.

1. RED Pin Bar 2 Pin Bar

2. RED Rails 2 Rails
Pattern Indicator

3. RED 3 Touches 2
indicator pattern 3 tangency

4. RED Inside Bar 2
Indicator for the inside bar pattern.
In the settings you can choose the ratio of candles

5 RED Engulfing 2 Engulfing
pattern indicator.