NewsInfo Indicator – Auto News EA Deactivation (Stop EA Before Important News Automatically) Forex

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NewsInfo Indicator – Auto News EA Deactivation (Stop EA Before Important News Automatically) Forex 1

I share with you a new Indicator ,so that it will disable the AutoTrading button before News Alerts and then reactivate it after a few minutes (all parametrable)

Every time you see an Alert on the feed, it will disable Autotrading a few minutes before.

You can parameter the Indicator so it shows only specific News.

NewsInfo : 

Excellent forex economy calendar indicator for MetaTrader 4

Today, the economic news greatly influences the foreign currency market (forex). For this reason, every professional trader with should take into consideration what is going to be expected when trading before news. Those who are trade manually for them NewsInfo may be important to be able to prepare for a news or an event. Those who are using Expert Advisors (EA) for them NewsInfo may be important to stop the robots before news because during event(s) price movements could break out and these huge movements often gives false data to any indicator and/or false indication to any EA. In addition to that during news period a rapid spread and slippage increase can cause great losses and be able to ruin an otherwise excellent trading strategy.

We at Darkmoon FX think this is a very effective tool for every professional forex trader on MetaTrader 4 platform. There’s no need of separate application or website where you can watch the events, “all-in-one” NewsInfo allows you to immediately see all news/events directly on your chart. The interface represent all news information in a modern and elegant way fully developed under MetaTrader 4 (build 600 & up) environment.

The program is able to stop Expert Advisors (EA) and turn them back on after a predefined time after news. NewsInfo provides different types of interface dedicated to developers who can check the indicator last and next news indications. The program understands almost all popular forex news providers so you can easily choose your preferred news source. In some cases, historical news/events are also available at some news providers so NewsInfo indicator could be used efficiently during backtests.

NewsInfo  Key features:

NewsInfo Indicator – Auto News EA Deactivation (Stop EA Before Important News Automatically) Forex 2

Show next eight news on the chart news

Timeline lines

2 forex news provider can be selected

News from ForexFactory calendar

GMT time display (automatic detection)

Filtering options for specified currencies

Impact filtering (low/medium/high)

Sending notify before news directly to mobile phone (MT4 Notification Service)

Disabling(*) Expert Advisors (EA) before news, enabling the after news

Important values ​​stored in global variables to join external (third party) robots

Important indicator values ​​stored in the buffer to join external (third party) robots

Backtest is available (only available at certain data providers)