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Forex Sniper Killer aka ‘FSK’ is a software program that operates on the FOREX market with a purpose or function of conducting critical in-depth market technical analysis on behalf of a retail trader. Within it is an inbuilt 95% trading precision, for both long & short term scalp trades. Its built up includes theories that aids it precision of market Supply & Demand on commercial scale incorporated, and further algorithmic price actionable trading styles incorporated. All hidden behind the entry and exit colored spot signs that reflect potential buying and selling opportunities. FSK does not operate automatically but needs human intervention. The FSK SOFTWARE requires a “MetaTrader4” trading platform which is freely available from a wide selection of FOREX brokers.

Forex Sniper Killer – FSK

1.We strongly recommend that you operate a demo account before trading with real money. This will help you become familiar with the way FSK software operates before you commit genuine funds to a Real money account.
2.Please be extremely careful when determining trading volumes and setting risk management Lot sizes!

BROKER REQUIREMENTS FSK works basically with any broker that can offer a MetaTrader4 platform, regardless of account type, if it uses micro or mini lots, 4 or 5 decimal quotations. Only a few pips’ difference for all currencies used combined (10 in our case) can make a big difference over a few thousand trades (and a lot of extra money.) Choosing a better broker is easier than trying to win that difference in pips between brokers. Our goal is to win money on FOREX, and although opening a new account on a good broker takes minutes, it can have a positive impact for many years to come.

To reduce the risk of losing money and increase our chances to really make money with the software trading system, we must have all the following elements. Even having only one less will ensure that we lose:
• Use proper Risk or Money Management when taking trades • Make sure you have a good and fast internet connection • Back test your package of the FSK SOFTWARE for at least 7 trading days before investing and using real money with it • Use software on accounts of minimum balance $100 and above • Red Correctly Market Readings As to the use of the software • 95% success rate is archived by trading on higher timeframes s this is a technical system

Color Code For Trade Entry Confirmations
Sell Signal Alert
Buy Signal Alert

  1. THE GREEN DOTS ARE BULL OR LONG SIGNALS. Which means that when an alert is given by the green signal dot, a confirmation signal is anticipated and then a BUY Trade is Executed.
  2. THE RED DOTS ARE BEAR OR SHORT SIGNALS. In other words a confirmation bear candle is anticipated after the signal and then a SELL trade or position is opened or executed.
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