Super Scalping Trading System

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Super Scalping Trading System 1

Super Scalping Trading System

Time Frame: 5m


Metatrader Indicators:

1. Moving Averages

2. Signal Arrow 1(multi time moving average cross signal)

3. Signal Arrow 2(additional signal arrow)

4. Zig Zag

5. QQE indicator

6. Karl Dittman signal

7. SnakeForce

Manual is simple but very powerful with good MM and control.

Entry Rule for long

1. Green is over Pink line

2. Arrows up

3. QQE blue over red dotted line

4. Karl Dittman green color

5. SnakeForce thick green

(Rule 1,2,3,5 are very essential but number 4 is optional. For short, vice versa.. )


1. Pink line is over green line

2. QQE indicator blue line goes down below red dotted line

3. SnakeForce thick red bar

==> Exit when you see whichever is faster.

You can easily understand all the rules once you just look at my template file.

I’ll attach all these indicators and template.

Back test for yourself and see how powerful it is. There’s no repaint indicator.

You can steadily grow up your account. 5~30pips per trade.

I usually get 10 pips~20pips. I trade just 1~2 hours per day because of my full time work.

Super Scalping Trading System 2

Super Scalping Trading System 3