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The MarketMakerPRO EA is an automated forex robot designed for MetaTrader4. It is not based
on any indicators, it simply uses price movement to execute orders. Therefore it is not
depending on any timeframe you let it work on. Most of you probably heard about grid and
martingale EAs. This method is quite common and is nothing new to the trading world. For new
traders, martingale means, the EA will open another position that has a multiplied contract size if
price goes against you. Martingale trading is considered a high risk method and this EA is no
exception. If you think this may be the holy grail or you can pay of your loan with it, you are
definitely in the wrong place. Neither is the EA meant to be a set and forget or entirely
automated program that produces money constantly for you. Trading this bot means to have a
little bit of knowledge on how the market moves, taking risks and especially managing your
money. In my opinion doing all the above you will have a profitable investment method that can
achieve profits on a regular basis. First I will go through some requirements and some
recommendations. Of course, you can deviate from the requirements, but I will explain certain
aspects later on, on how the EA works and why I chose certain requirements. I will also talk a
little bit about money management. As well I will answer some frequent questions that happen
to be asked over and over again. Let´s go and make some money.

ECN Broker with low to zero spread (I use IC Markets)
Minimum Leverage 1:500
Minimum deposit: 200
Recommended deposit: 500
In a basic sense the EA trades like a fund or institution would trade. It buys into falling
and sells into rising prices to close baskets in profit. The further a position goes against
you, the higher the contract size will become. That is the risky part of the EA. But for me,
who has been always interested in trading this way, I see this kind of trading like an
investment and as the risk disclaimer says, I only trade capital that I am willing to lose.
That is a point you should be aware of. On the other hand, this EA can give you a huge
return in a short amount of time that no savings account by a bank can give you in a
lifetime. Therefore it is necessary to manage your money. How you are going to do that
in detail is totally up to you and I can not personally manage that for you. Neither can do
the EA.
The main strategy behind the EA and the money management is to invest as little as
possible and get that initial deposit back as fast as possible. I usually start with a 200€
account and get the balance up to 400€ within 2-3 days. At that point I withdraw my
initial deposit and start with 200€ balance again. But this time it is free money to play
with. You should always keep in mind that the free money is something you can lose
and should not worry about. That is an important mindset. Even if the account is
running up on 1K with free money and it blows, you have not lost anything and simply
can start over again. The money you withdraw is your profit. Everything that is taken
from the free money to your bank account is your profit. Everything that is still run by
the EA is not a profit. It is still part of an investment.

Market Maker Pro EA FOREX ROBOT 2