Leprechaun Forex Robot

55 / 100

Leprechaun Forex Robot 1

Unique strategy of the Leprechaun Forex Robot is that trade order grid is not against the trend as usual Martin robots in the trend, When the trend changes, the robot reverses the balance of trading positions in the trend direction and closes the whole grid of orders is a plus! The robot can trade constantly and also run at certain time intervals, for example, in trading sessions where the market is most volatile. Trading instruments with good volatility are suitable for the robot. You should avoid the flat market: holidays, evening and night flat, and run the robot on the news or on the American trading session. The expert Advisor does not use indicators, the only indicator for the robot is the price itself, where the price goes, the robot opens positions there. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The robot can be used on any currency pairs, but the basic settings are optimized for trading on XAUUSD gold.

At the basic settings, the robot enters the market by default at the opening of the American trading session at 16.00 Moscow time. It opens a grid of orders based on the trend and closes it waiting for the next day. Profit of 1% per day, including refinancing more than 25% per month.

Leprechaun Forex Robot 2

When using the default settings: recommended Deposit of 10,000 cents USD ($100), one grid of orders per day, profit of more than 25% per month.

The chart timeframe is H1.

Cent account with a minimum lot – 0.01.

minimum balance: from 1000 cents USD ($10).

Recommended balance: from 10,000 cents USD ($100).

The default settings for XAUUSD (GOLD).


The robot uses the martingay not against the trend but according to the trend. in case of a trend reversal, the robot opens additional orders in the direction of the trend.
Not sensitive to spread or broker, you can choose any broker you trust
The tests show very good potential