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Have you ever experienced the disappointment of seeing a backtesting report that looks perfect, only to see your real trading account lose money when using the same strategy? It’s a frustrating feeling, but it’s a common one for many traders. The SmartTrade EA aims to solve this problem by using the exact same opening and closing conditions for both backtesting and real trading. This ensures that what you see in the backtesting report is what you can expect in real trading.

But the SmartTrade EA Forex Robot is more than just a solution to this age-old problem. It’s also a full-automatic, short-term trading EA that uses advanced techniques to sell when the market is overbought and buy when it’s oversold, making profits as the market rolls back. And unlike other EAs that rely on risky strategies like Martingale, Grid, Hedging, and Averaging, the SmartTrade EA uses low stop loss values (ranging from 30 to 100 pips) and is designed to avoid slippage. It’s also a versatile EA that can handle large trade sizes and has built-in technical parameters, so you don’t have to spend time adjusting settings. The average position holding time for the SmartTrade EA is about 3 hours. Plus, it has a protection function to prevent account drawdown. Overall, the SmartTrade EA offers a reliable and efficient solution for traders looking to achieve consistent profits in real trading.

Trading time: American-Asian session.

The SmartTrade EA is a powerful and reliable tool for traders looking to achieve consistent profits in real trading. It’s easy to set up and run, with no special requirements for VPS or broker. The minimum deposit for SmartTrade is USD100, and it works on the H1 timeframe.

One of the key features of the EA is its multi-currency capability. You can attach it to a single chart and select the FX pairs you want to trade, specifying the trading volume for each one. The EA will then run automatically and trade all the pairs you’ve selected. If your broker’s symbols don’t match the default settings, you’ll need to change the symbol name.

SmartTrade has a range of customizable parameters to help you fine-tune your trades. These include the magic number, the fixed and maximum trading lots, the balance per lot, the maximum drawdown percentage of account floating loss, the maximum open positions, and the take profit and stop loss values in pips. You can also enable or disable the EA for specific symbols and set the maximum spreads. With these flexible settings, you can tailor the EA to suit your own trading style and goals.

In summary, I have to say, I was skeptical about this EA at first. I’ve used a lot of different robots in the past and some of them have been complete disasters. But I’m happy to report that the SmartTrade EA is not one of them! It really works, and it’s been making consistent profits for me. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’ve seen my account grow by about 30-35% per month. That’s pretty impressive in my book.

The best part is that I don’t have to worry about my account being wiped out overnight, like with some other EAs I’ve used. The EA is designed to minimize risk, and it seems to be doing a good job of it. I’ve had a few losing days, but overall it’s been a very positive experience.

If I had to say one thing that bothers me, it would be the price. It’s a bit on the high side, but considering the performance I’ve seen so far, I think it’s worth it. Overall, I highly recommend the EA to anyone looking for a reliable, profitable trading robot. Great job, guys!”

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