EA Gold Silver Robot 2.0 Forex Robot

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EA Gold Silver Robot 2.0 Forex Robot 1

EA for trading gold and silver for MetaTrader 4 based on neural networks.
360% profit per month.
Maximum drawdown 10%.
90% of profitable trades.
100% automatic trading.
All settings are already optimized and tuned.
Orders are protected by Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Advantages of the Gold Robot
Gold Trading Robot is one the most interesting of all trading robots. From the name it is clear that it was created specifically for trading in gold. The task of this advisor is to catch every movement of the precious metal Gold (XAUUSD) – whether it is an explosive growth or a rapid fall (and this is the only way for gold!). The average trader would never be able to keep up with the crazy movements of gold on the stock exchange. Sometimes a price change of $ 20 or even $ 50 can happen in a couple of seconds and no person just physically would have time to make a profitable deal, and when a speculator nevertheless enters the market, the yellow metal treacherously reverses and goes in the opposite direction. The only way out of this situation is to install and use a unique Gold Trading Robot.

Gold Trading Can Make Much Profit
Gold ranks up high on the list of most traded commodities in the financial markets and probably is the oldest tradeable and profitable commodity in the money markets. Gold is probably the most stable financial instrument given that it doesn’t fidget in the face of inflation, deflation, political uncertainty or economic crisis.
 Time to by Gold! Time to buy Gold Trading Robot! Time to make Money!

EA Gold Silver Robot 2.0 Forex Robot 2