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I have long wanted to find an adviser on the Martingale principle who could trade with an expanding step between orders. For example, when Brexit was present, when the steam is pulled, it should increase the distance between orders. He also added a couple of parameters – the ability to limit the number of deals, limit the maximum lot, the ability to set your profit on 1,2,3,4 (and the following orders). My advisor, can trade simultaneously in two directions one by one Magick, no need to create a second tab for a couple. System does not load. I give for free. Open to questions and suggestions. I give some parameters

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Here are the first results. Closed several transactions, several transactions in the work. Well, also made a small deposit, which is essentially a bonus for chatting on the forum and trading for this bonus. So far everything goes more or less smoothly. The work of the adviser is completely satisfied. I can’t say anything about improvement in terms of the coefficient, because, in fact, he earns something not at the expense of the coefficients, but at the expense of the accuracy of the input. My opinion is that.
Look here please.

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Experts + I think this is due to the fact that you have a 4-digit account in the format of 1.0000, like my index in the format of 90.00. I support the previous speaker

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TakeProfit1 = 300; // profit of the first order
TakeProfit2 = 250; // profit of the second order
TakeProfit3 = 200; // profit of the third order
TakeProfit4 = 100; // profit of the fourth and next orders
Step = 200; // step of the first order
Delta = 100; // add to the step from the second order, increases the distance of subsequent orders by the delta value from the previous
Lot = 0.03; // first opening lot
MaximalLot = 0.5; // maximum lot that we allow
MaxTrades = 9; // maximum number of orders in one direction
MultiplicatorLot = 1.6; // multiply subsequent orders
Magic = 123; // individual number by which the adviser sees his transactions
Slippage = 100; // allowable slippage on news in points

Greetings, colleagues! 
So far, two sets for couples are ready: [EURUSD H1] , [GBPUSD H1]. Lottery change for your deposits and your toad! Chased to the Aysy-Markets for 1000 green rubles. These sets are working on the insta, but in the composition of the portfolio, so that no-ka-zhu. Share your settings! With the spread of the best broker in Asia, too, it goes quite well … yes, there, trading! I still prepare the adviser for the ESN accounts

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