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Ultimatum Breakout EA Forex Robot is an auto trading system that utilizes breakout strategies to trade the first few hours of the European Index DAX40 and the USA DOW30. The system does not use GRID, MARTINGALE, or ASIA SCALPING techniques. Instead, it employs a fixed stop loss of 25 points and a maximum of 5 trades per day.

Best Brokers List
The Ultimatum Breakout EA requires a broker with good conditions and spreads on the DAX40/DOW30. However, it is important to note that not every broker will provide the same performance, as there are various feeds in index trading. A good and fair broker with good spreads is recommended for the best results.

The exit strategy incorporates a trailing stop exit that is triggered by a certain amount of gain points and uses 15-minute charts.

The Ultimatum Breakout EA is packed with additional control features for advanced users, such as using a box stop loss over a fixed stop loss, fixed take profit, and an increase after loss option. However, it is also easy to set up and use for first-time or novice traders.

Backtesting index trading is more complicated than spot FX, as there are a higher number of variations and many brokers use a different number of digits after the decimal point, quote spot rates, and futures prices, and have expiry dates or not. IUltimatum Breakout EA is designed to run on 5 different charts, producing a maximum of 5 trades per day. The set files are needed to make a backtest for each chart and it must be done during the correct market session as spreads are higher out of hours.

In terms of performance and risk, it is suggested to use a 10.0 lot per 10K balance for moderate risk running mode, or 5k balance and 10.0 lot for higher risk. A setup guide page, help, and assistance on chat is provided and the setup time is around 20-30 minutes. A VPS is not essential but recommended.

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